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XS=Xtra Sucky? oh lol

I'll be up in orlando Thur-Sun for Megacon, we're going to Rockys and most likely XS, has anyone ben recently? Is PF still broken, what about DDR? I know PPP is gone, did they get anything else?

If anyone wants to meet up comment and let me know!
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I was at XS a few weeks ago; one of the PF sticks was broken and taped back together and as soon as my boyfriend played one game, it broke in half again. I think next time I go I'm gonna bring some plastic drumsticks from Wal-Mart or something since they don't seem to care about permanently fixing it.

Both DDR machines work, but I can't bring myself to play on them because someone had the genius idea to put them right next to each other. The simultaneous music from both machines is a guaranteed headache after the mandatory five song game.