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About Broken Sensors...

At our arcade...it makes us really upset when someone asks us..."So...when are you going to fix the pads?"

Look. The reason why the DDR pads get messed up in the first place is because of:

1. n00bs.
2. Stompers.
3. Some moron spilling a drink that they're NOT suppose to have all over the pads.

I get so tired of hearing customers complain about the pads. There is more than just one sensor in the arrow, you hit it just right. Alot of attendants can't fix the pads because honestly...with Tilt, we're actually not allowed to mess with any of the broken machines without the district manager's consent...

I know our pads are REALLY MESSED UP. Like, screwed up big time (thanks to the regulars that stomp) and we'll fix do a little fix up if the DM won't give us consent...but if we're busted, that just cost us our job.

Do the attendants a favor and DON'T STOMP.

GOD, I hate stomppers.
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