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Hey all! Question.

I go to Fashion Square pretty much every weekend and I hang around the DDR machines at least a little. Anyway, for the past month or two, every time I've gone to Fashion Square, I've seen this guy there, playing DDR. Kinda longish brown hair, "punk" clothing (baggy bondage pants, that sort of thing)... he was wearing a trenchcoat today. I've kinda wanted to say hi for awhile now, but never really did, so... if anyone here thinks they know him (or is him), leave a comment? XD;

And for those who spend weekends at Fashion Square, I'm a pale, skinny girl with short-ish, frizzy dyed black hair, and I tend to wear mostly black (I was wearing a knee-length black skirt, a button-down long-sleeved black shirt, knee-high black socks, and black mary-janes today... as well as carrying around a box of tissues, I'm sick x_x). So, um... hi. :D Say hi if you see me. XD
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