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Dance! Dance! In Orlando!!

DDR players of Orlando, FL
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This is a community for DDR players in and around Orlando, Florida. Feel free to discuss anything you wish, including meet-ups, tournaments, arcades, etc. If you want, you can make an introductory post and answer the following questions when you join.

1. Sup?
2. What is your name?
3. How old are you?
4. Where do you live?
5. What arcades do you frequent?
6. How good are you? (C'mon. Don't lie.)
7. What significant changes to your life have been brought on by DDR?
8. What are some of your favorite DDR songs?
9. Ever sustained an injury caused by DDR?
10. Ever played DDR while eating a sandwich? Why or why not?

I only have two rules.
1. Please use an lj-cut when posting a large picture or large body of text.
2. Please don't use horrific grammar.