Ryan (aznable_yuy) wrote in ddrorlando,

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Back to rockys

Just walked in,heres my update of DDRing:

I watched two ppl do a routine together,good stuff.Then i got on.My turn comes up,I choose Freckles,i start out fine,then towards the end i miss one,no problem then about 5 seconds into it,i start messing up.I dont really get it,before the machine was out of commission i did really well,but since its been back,either me or the machine has been pretty sluggish.*Sigh*Must be out of practice.I watched this one guy in a "Z?" play 321 Stars,he seemed to have his own routine.I cant really explain what it looked like but it was REALLY unique and nothing ive seen in my ddr days(i know that sounded corny).That ends my update,happy stomping.

BTW,i was wearing a blue t-shirt with green stripes int he middle with sum black jnco shorts,if u saw me reply!!^__^
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